Why TeigMeister?

TeigMeister ([taigmaistə] - "the master of dough") is a new series of special breads and bakery products combining excellent quality, innovative production technologies and unique taste.

Quality and Technology

TeigMeister covers a wide range of products. Satisfy your imagination with the most diverse and interesting products: from croissants to puff pastry, from ciabatta breads to Easter bread bites!

Product Portfolio

Here, in the world of dough, we strive to provide maximum satisfaction to our customers' demands - this is where you can find anything you are looking for.

The World of Dough

Here you will find products based on German quality.

Unleash your imagination - TeigMeister covers all products you could dream of.

Enjoy the unique taste of our products, prepared based on traditional German, Austrian and other authentic recipes.

Trust the hygiene and safety of our products: we have introduced food safety systems.

Our products are processed with maximum care and no stress, using an innovative global level German technology.

The unique taste of our products would please any expert in quality bread. The taste of our products is the result of the synergy between our high quality production lines and raw materials, innovative technologies and recognised recipes.
Our products do not contain preservatives, because they have been produced with starters prepared by us.
The Austrian, German and other types of recipes contribute to the wide product range. The recipes of our products have been awarded during numerous international forums for the most tasty bread.
The hearth furnaces where we bake our products give them a crispy crust and an authentic taste and our own starters used for preparing them not only enhance their taste, but also extend their shelf-life, without adding any preservatives.
The uncompromising quality of our products is guaranteed by our high quality product lines, whose manufacturer is a leader in the industry and also by the high quality resources and materials that arrive to us with a certificate from an evaluated supplier.
Our products are manufactured by using a technology with maximum care for the dough.
Our wide product range allows us to satisfy the continuously increasing requirements of our customers.


Quality and Technology

Soft-Processing Technology®

Our products are manufactured according to a special patented German technology called Soft-Processing Technology®, which has been specially developed by the manufacturer of the machines we use. This technology ensures maximum care for the dough: when using other types of equipment, the dough is often torn into pieces, pulled and even damaged; our technology processes the dough as delicately and as gently as possible. No tension, pressure or stress is exercised on the dough - from the beginning of the production process until its end. As a result, the quality of the dough is much better, which also improves its taste. This is currently the best dough processing technology on a global scale, which takes care of the dough to a maximum extent.


Our machines are manufactured by the global leader company in the industry. They are made of stainless steel, they are quiet and noise free and their smart technology makes their operation intuitive and easy - both for our customers and for us. Cleaning the lines is easy and smooth, which guarantees an extremely high level of hygiene both of the production process and of the finished products.


In order to guarantee the quality of the end product that reaches our customers, we need to exercise control on the origin and quality of the resources and materials as a first step. Each raw material is supplied to us by a manufacturer who has undergone an evaluation procedure and is accompanied by a quality certificate. In addition to ensuring uncompromising incoming control, we also exercise strict control on the storage of materials in order to guarantee the top quality of our products.


We use starters we have made of natural raw materials. Our own production starters not only improve the taste of the end product, but add also a number of other characteristics: the crumb is softer, the flavour is enhanced and the crust is even crispier. In addition, we have the courage to experiment with foods from other cultures: we worked with German, Austrian and other recipes.


We have introduced reliable systems that guarantee the safety of our products. These systems are ISO 9001/HACCP, as well as IFS (International Food Standard), which allows us to sell our products in other countries. These systems help us exercise preventive and regulatory control by identifying the food hazards in advance and by applying a scientific approach for reliable and timely elimination of these hazards.

The World of Dough

Our products are made of four main types of dough: Easter bread dough, bread dough, puff pastry and blunder pastry.

In these sections, you will find the basic information that you need to know about these types of dough – what their nature is, how you could know that the dough is high-quality and what recipes you can make with these types of dough in your home.

Easter Bread Dough

Bread Dough

Puff Pastry and Blunder Pastry


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